So the auditions are over and the cast list is published…..

Let’s consider what happens if you didn’t get the part you went for.  Naturally, you are devastated – you gave it everything and you still didn’t get the part. How dare they!

However, you have to bear in mind – it’s such a difficult task to cast a show. Often with lots of auditionees offering a whole range of differing skills and abilities. There is so much more to consider when casting all the roles in a show and putting together the whole company.

Even if you are the most brilliant performer sometimes you still don’t get the part… so how can that happen?

Well, the panel has to consider how the cast all fit together – even with make-up and costumes sometimes the difference in ages between two corresponding or partnered characters will not be believable to an audience. Whether it be love or parent/child relationships, it is these relationships between the characters that often cause the most discussion when casting the roles to make it work – I’ve often compared it to a jigsaw trying to get all the pieces together in the right place to make the whole picture.

What happens if you were offered a different part to the one you auditioned for. For some people they will be grateful for any part – so just make sure you make the most of it. Use it to show what they saw in you.

On the other hand…. Oh no! – You can’t possibly see yourself playing THAT part!  Wait a minute and take a deep breath – try not to go with a knee-jerk reaction – I often hear of people turning down smaller roles because they really wanted ‘the lead’ so would not consider another part but often the smaller roles are the ones that offer the greatest opportunity for an all-round performance and for showing your ability.  The audition panel obviously thought you had talent to cast you even (if it is only a cameo role) so show them what you can do and why next time you should play a more major role. Use the experience to make you a stronger and better performer.  Listen and learn in the rehearsals and use what you gain to make your next audition more confident.  Easy words to say I know, however, I do see now with great regularity how quickly people grow and perform better and improve by playing a range of smaller roles, gaining stage technique and experience before heading for the centre spotlight.

Quite often when seeing a play or show, I find that the supporting roles have really worked developing deep characters and therefore give strong performances – sometimes even better than the main leading characters – even in Hollywood not everyone can play the leading man!

Being involved in the theatre requires a thick skin but we don’t all find that easy – after all, we all put ourselves up for critique every time we step on stage. Of course, it’s not all about having a hardened shell, the other main requirements are dedication and perseverance.  Even if you have played the last few leading roles and you don’t get this one – this does not mean you did a bad audition or were not good enough – if just means someone else fitted all the criteria better on this occasion, they made the jigsaw work. You have to pick yourself up and move on.

Of course, some people will realise is takes more than the actors to put on the performance, so if you really don’t want to go on stage in this show now, for whatever reasons, why not offer your services elsewhere and gain further insight into how it all comes together. We will look at the different roles and challenges they face in the future. I am a great believer in the performers finding out more about the other requirements and even if you are not very good at it (well you can’t be good at everything, can you?) it will help you for future auditions and parts because of your greater knowledge of theatre in general.

So try not to be too miserable, find the positives and of course just remember to prepare for next time…….

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