Interviews with Springers ‘Made in Dagenham’s’ cast

Here is the first of our interviews with the Springers AOD “Made in Dagenham” Cast:

Introducing  Deborah Anderson – Beryl


TL:                         Hi Deborah, Can you tell me a bit about Beryl?

Deborah:             She quite down to earth shall we say, a bit rough but very protective of Rita but she is the one who is up for a fight and she swears a lot. I’ve had to learn a whole new set of vocabulary which I’ve never used before in my life!

TL:                          How do you think it Compares to other musicals

Deborah:             I like a lot of the women’s harmonies,  it’s a bit like ‘Bad Girls – the Musical’ which I’ve been in before because it’s got a similar feel musically. It’s not your traditional Oklahoma by any means, it’s an ensemble piece which is really nice with so many characters and lots of big chorus numbers.

TL:                          So, what attracted you to being in the show?

Deborah:             I went to see it and loved it and then when I knew we were doing it, I really wanted to play Beryl. Basically, because I played the Vicars wife in the last show we did and this is completely different. I just thought what a great show with a chance to move about a bit but not too much and I like the character.

TL:                          What’s the best part of the show so far?

Deborah:             I love the music rehearsals because I love learning the harmonies and I’ve never seen so many men in a springers show in a line – and that’s great!


The show runs from 13th – 16th June at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford. theatres


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