Interview with Springers ‘Made in Dagenham’ Cast

This is our second interview is with the Springers AOD  “Made in Dagenham” cast

Introducing  Olivia Pearson – Lisa Hopkins


TL:                    Hi Olivia, Can you tell us a little bit about the Character you are playing in   Made In Dagenham?

Olivia:               My Character is not keen on her husband and the way he treats the Dagenham workers and allies herself with the solidarity of the girls.   She gives Rita the confidence to stand up for her beliefs. This is a very different character from the usual parts I play and its very strange not to have a singing part.

TL:                    What attracted you to the story and to want to get involved in this Production?

Olivia:               This is such a topical subject right now – it’s a true story based locally in Dagenham about how ordinary people fight for their rights against a large company.

TL:                    Why should people come and see Made In Dagenham

Olivia:               It has great music and its very funny. But its right on the mark with the topical news stories of today about equal pay and the gender gap.

TL:                    What are you enjoying most about the show at the moment?

Olivia:               The political side is very tongue in cheek taking the mickey out of the USA so there are lots of comedy moments in it and for me, the best part of the show I have seen so far is the Musical number with Harold Wilson in the cabinet


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