Interview with Springers ‘Made in Dagenham’ Cast


This is interview number 3 in our series of Cast interviews from Springers AOD ‘Made in Dagenham’

Introducing  Gareth Locke as Mr Tooley



TL:                    Gareth, can you tell us something about your part in Made in Dagenham?

Gareth:            Mr Tooley is Ford Management. He is an American who is brought in to crack the strike. He’s very tough, very sexist, quite misogynistic and a big larger than life character.

TL:                    So what attracted you to such a Character?

Gareth:             I just love playing baddies. They have better songs, they have more fun and better clothes.

TL:                    So why why should people see it?

Gareth:             It’s absolutely a brilliant show, so funny, We have a cracking cast with some powerful singers.  Particularly Amy who is playing Rita.  She’s stunning and if you like working class humour– then it’s your kind of comedy and you will love it.

TL:                    How does it compare to other popular musicals?

Gareth:             It’s a modern musical with a fabulous score, it has really good songs and the script is great with spot on comedic timing. It all very heart warming and part of our history too, not just British history but women’s history. I Love it!

TL:                    What in your opinion, is the ‘Best Bit’ so far?

Gareth:             That’s really difficult. I must admit the singing in general is good with such a strong cast of singers even the chorus are really strong for this show.

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