Interview No.5 with Springers ‘Made in Dagenham’ Cast

This is the fifth interview with Springers AOD “Made in Dagenham” Cast

Introducing Bethan Anderson as Sandra


TL:                    Bethan, tell us a bit about your character Sandra?

Bethan:            Sandra is a ‘tart with a heart’. She likes a good time to have a laugh and a drink but she has got a heart of gold and she loves the girls she works with.

TL:                    What attracted you to Sandra and the show?

Bethan:            I like a revolution in a show & with it being 50yrs and 100yrs and equality this was never something I could miss, ever.

TL:                    So how does it compare to other shows you have seen or done?

Bethan:            Well it’s a modern musical and really nice to have so many lead female roles. It’s not often there are more roles for women than there are for men at the moment so it gives the women a chance to show off.

TL:                    Whats the best bit of the show so far?

Bethan:            All of it. I love it, I literally enjoy rehearsals every week.

TL:                    So Why should people buy tickets to see it?

Bethan:            Because it’s fabulous. It’s a prominent year for women’s equality and the gender pay gap is all so prominent in the news, and it’s brilliant but when do we ever get to do a show in Essex about Essex.

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