Interview No. 7 with ‘Made in Dagenham’ Cast

This is 7th interview with Springers AOD ‘Made in Dagenham’ Cast

Introducing Catherine Gregory as Connie

TL:                    Hi Catherine, can you tell us something about Connie?

Catherine:        She’s the union representative, the steward for the girls and she instigated the grievance procedure.  She is feisty and married to the job and her cause I think. The song she sings talks about ‘how I married the labour party’.

TL:                    So What attracted you to this show and the part?

Catherine:        I worked in Dagenham as a district nursing sister and I know how underprivileged they are around there. Everyone was raving about it and I listened to it one day while I was baking in the kitchen and then Connie’s song came on and it touched me it was so poignant and I just loved her from that minute

TL:                    Is the show just about feminism and Women’s Rights?

Catherine:        No. Other than it’s the 50 year anniversary, I think it’s about getting treated fairly regardless of sex.

TL:                    So what is the best part of it so far

Catherine:        I love the opening number of the show –  “Made in Dagenham” it sounds awesome and we have a lovely cast, all really nice people so rehearsals are fun, just as they should be.

TL:                    So why should people come and see it

Catherine:        Well the Music is good, the acting is good, we put have a lot of work into it and it will give people some good entertainment. It’s a great show with lots of good singing and dancing

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