Our final Interview with the Made in Dagenham Cast

This is our final interview with Springers AOD ‘Made in Dagenham’ cast

Introducing Amy Serin as Rita O Grady

TL:                    Hi Amy, Can you tell us a something about the Character you are playing in Made In Dagenham?

Amy:                Rita is a mother of two works in the factory as one of the machinists.  She goes on a bit of a journey during the show, she is just one of the girls at the start but she finds her political voice and strength in her heart to enable her to fight for something she thinks is right and to try and change the world in some sort of way. It’s not easy for her to find the balance between her family and fighting for what’s right.

TL:                    What attracted you to take part IN Made In Dagenham.

Amy:                I always loved the show so when I heard Springers were doing it, I dared to dream that I might get the chance to play Rita. I grew up in a house of women with no men, so lots of strong women around me and I was always the girl and teenager shouting about women’s rights from a young age getting on my soapbox.  So this a dream part for me as well as it being the anniversary of 50yrs since the Dagenham ladies strike and 100yrs of suffragette movement just a brilliant year to take part in this show and we still have so much to fight for.

TL:                    For those who don’t know the show, is it just about Feminism and history?

Amy,                 Well, Yes, it is to a degree but also about family and Rita’s daughter is a big part of why she decides to take the fight on and why she goes on the journey she does and also about how the men fit into the picture and get their heads around how the women are changing and how their lives will change.

TL:                    Why should People get tickets to see it?

Amy:                It’s a Really funny show with brilliant big choral numbers, the fantastic music leaves you with a real uplifted feeling and it’s nice to leave empowered like that..

TL:                    What do you think is the best bit of the show at the moment

Amy:                Harold Wilsons scene and his aides – it’s just fantastic and will steal the show.


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