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Please send us your audition details to add on this page.

“Betty Blue Eyes” Auditions with Shenfield Operatic Society

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Intro night 6th September (following our AGM) – St Georges Church Hall, Ongar Road, Brentwood, CM15 9HR

Meeting starts at 7.45pm with a glass of wine and nibbles, short AGM followed by meeting the Director and MD to hear their vision of the show and sing some of the music

Pre-Audition rehearsals for those wanting to audition for principal roles – Fri 8th, Weds 13th Fri 15th September

Auditions Sun 17th September.

If anyone is interested or would like more details please could they email Caroline at membershipsecretary@shenfieldoperaticsociety.co.uk



AUDITION DATES: TUESDAY 18th July THURSDAY 20th July 7.45 bar Old Court Theatre.

Chelmsford Theatre Workshop 1st play of their new season

SYNOPSIS: A Comedy Horror. The Baron and Baroness and their repulsive retainers Ygor and Fran Lurker go and stay at the macabre Transylvanian fortress.  Excitement turns to terror when they are greeted by a few more people some mortal and immortals they are all there to take part in a survival test involving ghouls ghost and the fiendish Dr Jekyll who unleashes a Egyptian mummy with a stolen potion from the vengeful creature. They are all desperate to escape a fate worse than death! A wickedly funny, fast moving horror farce.


Baron. A scientist 30 +

Baroness. His wife. 30+

Ygor. His Butler any age

Fran Lauker His housekeeper. 30 +

Talbot. A werewolf 20 30

Isabel A bitch ( mortal) 20 30

Count king of vampires 30

Countess His queen. 30+

Jekyll A schizophrenic 30+

Groat zombie ( small role but on and off alot)

Ethel ( A vampire)



Creature all above are double up roles. Ages are only a guide and are all subject to change

For any more details please contact Iain Holding-Sutton the director.


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