Upcoming AUDITIONS….

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Please send us your audition details to add on this page.


Auditions for ‘The Reunion’ with Witham Dramatic Club


Audition Date: December 4th, 8pm in the Meetings Rooms, Witham Public Hall

Performance Dates: 20th to 23rd March 2019

Rehearsals Tuesdays and Thursday at Witham Public Hall.

Parts available:

  • 4 male playing age mid 40’s,
  • 2 female playing age mid 40’s,
  • 1 female 30ish
  • 1 female 20ish.

The action takes place in the present time, on one evening, in the function room of a pub in Yorkshire. The play involves a reunion of middle-aged men who bring assorted wives and girlfriends prejudices and resentments that have simmered over the past 25 years. As the evening unfolds the men are forced to reassess their old alliances and reflect on their lives as the women are increasingly struck by the futility of the whole exercise.

This is a true “ensemble” piece. All the characters are very different and have particular issues and a surprise in their backstory

Please contact Witham Dramatic Club for more info. http://www.withamdramatic.co.uk

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