“Bang Bang”- The Mercury Theatre, Colchester

“Bang Bang”- The Mercury Theatre, Colchester. 1/3/17


Simon Hepworth, Richard Earl and Caroline Langrishe – Photo Robert Day
 I could make this the shortest review I have ever written in just 4 words – “Go and see this!” – Seriously, though ‘Bang Bang’ is a feast of amusement offering smirks, giggles and full on belly laughs in abundance.
It is a new adaption by John Cleese of George Feydeau’s side-splitting farce ‘Monsieur Chasse’.  Set amongst Paris society it has all the ingredients of a good farce – lost trousers, mistaken identities and people hiding in wardrobes!
From the start, the whole show bounces along on a rollercoaster of laughs. There is a subtle feeling of Fawlty Towers about this piece but without a doubt, it stands alone as a triumph of comedy.  The cast is led by the three main characters are Duchotel played by Oliver Cotton, Caroline Langrishe as his wife, Leontine and Richard Earl as Doctor (not Monsieur) Moricet!  The trio is just delightful and work together seamlessly delivering some wonderful moments with exquisite comedy timing and physical humour.
The rest of the cast are equally as strong, especially Peter Bourke as the confused Cassagne and Robert Neumark Jones who displays some great facial expressions and physicality as the young and impetuous Gontran.
Throughout the piece, there are various monologues directed at the audience through the ‘fourth wall’, where they are invited to be part of this play and to laugh with the other performers, as well as at them.  I must also mention one of the highlights of the show is the set, it is just gorgeous and very clever in its transformation. The scene change ‘danced’ by the company was just hilarious.
Once again The Mercury Theatre have excelled in delivering top quality entertainment to the local area. This was a thoroughly enjoyable performance and I strongly recommend everyone to get themselves a ticket and take themselves away from the worries of the outside world and have a fantastic evening of fun.
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