Farm Boy – The Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Farm Boy – The Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Ru Hamilton, Gary Mackay, Danny Childs - Farm Boy - Photo Robert Day
Photo: Robert Day
What a charming piece of theatre this is. With 2 actors, a musician and a collection of props including a tractor this production, which is aimed at the younger generation was heart-warming and emotional, showing a wonderful relationship between Grandfather and Grandson and all the life stories Grandpa can impart to him and the audience watching.
Danny Childs as the Grandson led us, like a narrator through the piece, his ability to bring to life every character and to show us a wide range of emotions through his face was captivating. As an audience you relived every joy and every sorrow with him.
 On the other side there was glorious interaction from Gary Mackay as Granpa. He bumbled and staggered through the characters with such charm and affection that you loved him as if he were your own grandfather.
The play dovetails into the War Horse story perfectly which is also by Michael Morpurgo- introducing it to a younger audience who may not be familiar with the piece.  Farm Boy was not only wonderfully written but beautifully acted with all the different parts both characters portrayed. The inclusion of snippets of music here and there from Ru Hamilton added extra depth making it even more thrilling in places.
There were times when I had a tear in my eye and couldn’t help but think about my own grandfather.
As one of the few adults without children in the audience it was a pleasure to see so many young faces also captivated by the performance and I hope for many it is the start of many years visiting the theatre.  If this was their first step into live theatre and the arts, I could not think of a better play to see and to encourage them to see more. However, this is not just a piece for children and any adult privileged to see it will walk away as we did full of memories and having enjoyed a wonderful piece of theatre.


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