Loserville, WOW! – Witham Public Hall


photo credit: Matilda Bourne
The only losers in Loserville are those without tickets to see this show!
Seeing it tonight and not knowing the show I didn’t know what to expect.  We were greeted very warmly by the front of house staff who made us feel very welcome and we sat down with a little trepidation to watch this show.
The show is set in a pre-email/internet and computer to computer interaction and the concept of the show is how that came to pass. I cannot help but think many of the adult audience members were smiling to themselves remembering the time before this was the norm.The music by pop group Busted gives a modern feel to the piece but did offer some struggles to this young cast. We should, however, remember that singing pop music is never as easy as we think, However, a few rose to the challenge of the music and delivered strong performances. Notably Daisy Greenwood as Leia, Harry Tunningley as Lucas, Amy Seymour as Samantha and Isabel Chapman as Holly who came into her own in Act 2.
Despite this being a tentative opening night there were many other notable performances including Michael Dork played by Chris Tierney who delivered a believable performance as the loveable, nerd genius, Tom Nicoll as Eddie, the guy who loves himself, his minions Huey & Wayne, played by Fraser McLauchlan and Will Hackett, the Yugoslavian twins played by Alice Tunningley and Charlotte Tofts who are supposedly the inspiration for Yoda and the delightful Trekkies, Marvin and Francis played by James Harris and Jake Collis.

The set was outstanding and I really felt it added to the overall show, in addition, the costumes fitted the time and period to a tee, in particular, I loved the sci-fi scene.  Cathy Court’s choreography was perfectly in keeping with this piece and all the cast embraced it and delivered strongly synchronised routines.  As the show is not widely known,  I strongly recommend other local societies and those in around the area to spend an evening watching this show and enjoying a great evenings entertainment.

Once again WOW delivered a show which will only get better night after night as they grow in confidence and shows what great young talent is on our doorstep.

Tickets available from http://www.wow.org


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