“The Play that Goes Wrong” – Mercury Theatre, Colchester

“The Play that Goes Wrong” – Mercury Theatre, Colchester. 2/2/17


What a wonderful evening’s entertainment this was. Right from the start, you are drawn into the world of Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society.
This is a cast of ten actors who perform exceptionally well and all of them deliver levels of physical humour akin to Michael Crawford or Norman Wisdom. You could feel (and hear) every member of the audience wincing as they witnesses all the bangs, crashes and ‘accidents’ throughout the course of the show.
This is a great piece of modern theatre. There is a familiarity about the idea and its delivery. I personally love “Noises Off” as a piece of theatre and this play is in the same vein.  I wish I could say I haven’t known actors like this but that would not be entirely true! You could not pick out one or more of the cast above the others as each characterisation was spot on.  The quick repeat section in Act 2 is a real treat of live theatre at its best.
However, there was a star to the show and that was the set. The whole show revolves around the set which has a mind of its own and it offers some wonderful highlights. The scene where Alistair Kirkham and Edward Judge are holding the varies parts up as they take the phone call from Mr Fitzroy, the lift and of course the devastation of the upper level and the ensuing action as a result.
This play offers laugh after laugh after laugh and the audience lapped it up. It is not surprising that the show has been a sell-out. The UK Tour is visiting a wide range of theatres across the country and if it is coming to a theatre near you, I strongly recommend you get a ticket.

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